My Grocery Day

Another Monday, another grocery day. Life in the fastlane! Grocery time is my time. I wander the aisles...take time to myself. Sad, huh? Welcome to motherhood and all that comes with it. Grocery shopping is now the same as "time for myself"...when did that happen? Today my mother went on her first grocery trip in the UK. I have to add that I drove us there which was an experience...for her! I got this picture so it is proof that we got there in one piece. I have always wanted to take a picture of these carts (or trolleys, as the Brits call them here) all lined up...my eyes goes right to these everytime I go in the store. My mom was fascinated with the fact that the carts move in all different directions because all the wheels turn...


kenju said...

You learned to drive on the left? I AM impressed! When you and my kids were small, I always went to the store when my husband was home, so I could go alone. There is nothing worse than trying to grocery shop and herd a bunch of kids too!

Carmi said...

Hi Anna. I thought I'd dig a bit into your archives. Wow, am I glad I did: this is yet another piece of proof that you and I must have crossed photographic lives in a previous life. Check out this link from my archives:


I've got another one - in red - from a Super Target in Colorado, of all places. I'll get that posted soon, too.

Thanks for yet another photographic inspiration, Anna.