The Force

Meet my two Jedis...Master Sam (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Master Jack (Anakin Skywalker). There is a lot I could have written about today with my family leaving. Instead, I chose something completely different because we are having such a good time together tonight. There isn't much trick-or-treating here so we opted for a family night with movies, popcorn, candy and pizza. I wanted to make sure the boys could wear their costumes (which they have been wearing for two weeks straight). It was also a chance to show you that our boys have been schooled in the Jedi ways from a young age, as was their father before them. Happy Harvest Day!


Kathy said...

As is typical with you and me..You have the Jedi Masters and I..have the Dark Side. Zachary loved being Darth Vader tonight.

kenju said...

My grandsons always favored Darth too. It is nice you are having a good family night, since I know you are missing your parents and aunt. Take care.

bluemountainmama said...

sirlaughsalot would get along grandly with your kids- he was yoda last year for halloween! and yes, blogging is fun!