School on the Hill

It has been a beautiful day here today. I snapped this photo just outside our home looking toward the Harrow School. The boys on the right in their uniforms, carrying books and their traditional straw hats are going back to their dormitory between classes. The Harrow School has sat on the hill for over 400 years. Winston Churchill and the poet Lord Byron attended school here. I like how all the homes, school buildings and businesses are nestled around the school. The tall steeple is from St. Mary's Church. I have written about it before on my blog. Do you see the green sign on the bottom left on the picture? That is Public Footpath #75 that I took a picture of several weeks ago and posted...check it out under the archives of September. This picture seems like it is out of an old storybook.


Alice said...

What a wonderful view. I feel like I have stepped back in time. Thanks for sharing. Love, Mom

ozchic_9 said...

It's from another time...exhilarating!