Tour de London

Today was a day of sightseeing. We are on quite the schedule trying to fit in so many "must-see" things. I took this pic while on the top of the double decker going under the Tower Bridge. I really liked how it turned out. If any of you have ever seen this bridge, it is painted really cool. There is Carolina blue (is there any other shade of blue?), red and white along with the classic architecture...it is quite the sight to see. You see this, you feel like you are here in London. It was gray and rainy when we started this tour and by the time we got to this bridge the clouds were breaking and the blue skies were peeking through. It turned out to be an ideal day for exploring the city.


kenju said...

I really do wish I was there to see it with you! Say hi to your guests for me.

rebs said...

Great shot!!

Kathy said...

I love this picture. I hope everyone is having as much fun sight seeing as I am.