November Sunset

Here we are November 1st. I can hardly believe it. Our time here in London seems to be flying by at warp speed. Today was quite a long day emotionally, so I am hoping to get some rest tonight. This should help. I took this picture out of the top floor window in our home. And don't you love those chimneys? The sunset was beautiful and soothing for my restless heart. It feels a bit lonely around here tonight. The sky got prettier than this but I opted to savor those moments for myself without my camera. I am in awe that the Lord gives us such amazing, vibrant things to gaze upon...AND it is free. How special that makes me feel that my Father loves me so! I am starting to feel better already.


bluemountainmama said...

to borrow from coldplay......"look at the stars, see how they shine for you...." :)

kenju said...

Take your comfort wherever you can find it, Anna, espcially now that your family is gone.