Project Yellow. Take One.

Lemons For You
April 2008

My iTunes: Jesus Paid It All by Passion Worship

I think I may have unofficially started this new project with the pollen post a couple of days ago but now I am OFFICIALLY starting. My husband insists I could not pick a better shot for the debut of Project Yellow. I tend to agree now that I see the image up there. Cliche? Maybe. I just like the way it turned out. The colors get me!

I want to encourage any of you who might want to take part either everyday this week or just one day...do it! I think it will be fun! Please let me know in the comments if you do participate, pass it to others and link back here if you do.

See you tomorrow with another installment!


Stacey Huston said...

Great shot Anna, makes my mouth water just looking at it..

b13 said...

I took the perfect picture today for project yellow. I'll post it tomorrow with a link back to here.

Mark said...

I like the challenge. I'll have to think on it.

Good starting pic for Project Yellow.

Moi said...

the current header's a great accompaniment to the project, Anna!!!! will wait to see more of project yellow here and on others' blog who take this up!!!

christy said...

Mmm, Project Yellow. Or maybe project Yum? = ) I like the theme/project idea... perhaps I shall join you!

fishing guy said...

Anna: You have the lemons did you make lemonade? Great picture.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Project yellow. Does that mean you're only going to take yellow opics?
Forever or just for a week?

Anna said...

I will being doing this or until I am completely sick of it! I have been known to change my mind!

JFargo said...

b13 sent me this way, letting me know that the last picture in my most recent post (http://polyphasicmiah.blogspot.com/2008/04/project-photos.html) is perfectly in line for this. I participated and didn't even know!

Very cool picture for yellow, not cliche at all, Anna!

Mike said...

Ok your challenge is met. Don't expect anything too predictable though.

It is hard to come up with something to beat this though! I think lots and lots of ice tea.

Looks great and I love these projects of yours!

photowannabe said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks for the invitation. I did post my first yellow shot just now fore your looking pleasure.
Have a blessed Sunday. I'm off to church now. Bye.

CG said...

Oh I'll look for something yellow tomorrow!!Very fresh :)

kenju said...

They're so blemish free! Wherever did you find them?

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

tommie said...

I'll do this sometime this week.

Awesome yellow...!

Nick S said...

some real nice photography Anna. Glad I discovered your blog.

Shelly said...

I'm no photographer and just have a cheapie camera but this sounds like fun...I found a whole bunch of yellow today!

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

Anna, I've already captured three "yellows"--they were yellin' out to me! The first is posted today; the others will follow later this week. It's retro-funky and I love it!

Thanks for the inspiration, Sweets...hope you have time to pop over!


Autumn said...

I took the challange

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Anna,

Saw your name at B13's place...

It so happens I have a lot of yellow in my life so I'd like to join in this project.
I will post a yellow picture-at least thru this week at my place-with a link back here!

Check out my YELLOW if you get a chance.

Junie Rose

the teach said...

Anna, I want to join Project Yellow after seeing your fantastic photos. I hope that okay. I'll be posting later today...

Sunshine4Life said...

beautiful yellow capture!

hi anna, it's my first time to visit your site thru this yellow meme. I really don't like bright yellow colors but i love yellow flowers. i thought of joining this meme one day. So this meme is daily? or at least once a week?

annulla said...

I'm in!

Blather From Brooklyn

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