American as...applesauce?

One of the things my kids miss from the States is applesauce. I am sure that probably sounds silly but it is funny what you will miss when you can't find it easily. There is a place here that sells MOTTS applesauce. I have posted before about the Hummingbird Bakery in Notting Hill. A small jar of applesauce runs you about 4 pounds (that is $8 a jar). Not that affordable on an American salary, not to mention the cost to get there. So when I saw my large bowl of apples yesterday, I thought I would try making homemade applesauce for our New Years Day dinner. I have never made it before but I have to tell you...it was easy. Apples, sugar, water and cinnamon...that is all I needed. The finished product was much better than anything I could get from a jar...and my house smelled wonderful! On the first day of 2007, I taught myself something new and my kids were thrilled to have one of their favorite treats! Sometimes it's all about getting joy from the small things. I snapped this pic just before the peeling and slicing began early this morning.


kenju said...

When I first started reading, I thought maybe I could mail a pkg. of applesauce to you - but now I see it isn't necessary! Learn how to make stewed apples too; they are wonderful and your kids will love them as mine did.

Happy New Year!

srp said...

These look like Granny Smith or MacIntosh apples or some other nice juicy kind. I don't know if the Delicious make good applesauce but they don't make good pies... You should have seen what I did to a carrot cake from scratch.... OH MY!