Fusing the Past and Present

Rustic and quaint...that is our neighborhood. I have posted about it several times. I never know what I will uncover when I walk out my front door with my camera. The narrow streets, red telephone booths, footpaths and little shops on the High Street make up a few of the many layers that define this area for me. The Hill is a conservation area which means that there are many restrictions for any changes that are done here. It is wonderful that it is protected so that future generations can see the buildings and even some of the landscaping in its most true form. Some of these streets and buildings haven't changed for 100 years. I like to know that my eyes have seen some things that others were seeing long before I was born. That is cool to me.

That being said...I appreciate when communities can blend the old and the new together without losing their connection with the past. If you do it just right it really works! I snapped this pic as I walked on the High Street. Nestled among some VERY old architecture is a restaurant/bar called CAFE CAFE. It just recently went through a remodel on the outside. It looks very inviting and warm. The street view really pops with this wonderful black, taupe and red scheme. When the cool weather passes, all these doors are opened and tables are put outside on the sidewalk for diners. Sometimes when you walk by you may hear some live music as well. I liked the phone number in the image for two reasons...1) I still love the look of all these numbers because it looks different from what I am used to in America and 2) some of you might want to make a reservation after my plug!

When it comes to our home...I like blending the old and the new also. What do you think? Old? New? Or do you mix?


Babystepper said...

I guess I like a little bit of both, too. My husband likes metal. He'd make everything out of metal if I let him, but it's not really a design thing. He's just prejudiced because his dad works with metal, so that's what he know. I like wood, and wish he'd make me some wood furniture, because I know he could if he wanted to. Men! Love the picture btw.

kenju said...

I love mixing new and old. For example, my dining room table is a Parsons table (modern) and the chairs are 19th century Chippendale. It works well!

Anna, you'd like this post and photos:

Anonymous said...

Great pic! I enjoyed trying to make out the reflections in the glass of the doors. I see one fellow with a hat. Those Brits have class!

Old and new mix? Hmmmm, actually we don't realy have a "style" at all. We just sort of found some furniture that looked ok together and was comfortable. Unfortunately my wife and I are both "design challenged" adults :)

Andrea said...

I like blending old and new. If you do it right, it really works.

Anonymous said...

By the way Anna I meant to mention in my last comment that I had been temporarily "out of pocket" for the last couple of days.

I'm back in the saddle again. Thank you for the kind comments on my last post.

Babystepper said...

In answer to your question at my blog, my dh's dad makes metal buildings and other random things for people. (Big stuff) He's very creative. My husband made me a ring, earrings, and a beautiful (sharp) Christmas star when we were dating. He also made a steel keyboard tray for my parents computer desk because my hyper brother broke their little wooden one. Since then he's made himself a wedding ring (He lost his gold one) and other random things.

eurorebs said...

I'm so glad you took the tests too! :) What does it say if you're "spacial intellegence"??

I'm a mixer......or basically whatever I can get for FREE at this point in my life...or forever :) haha

bluemountainmama said...

finally..i can get to your blog. blogger wouldn't let me view mine or anyone else's all morning. i definitaly mix both, but tend to gravitate a little more toward the old. i have such an eclectic mix of things...most of my furniture is antique or thrift store finds, but then i have indian lanterns and scarfs scattered throughout (bet you can't guess who gave me those!). adn i love old quilts!!!

i wanted to add that i saw jeremy last night...he spoke at our old church which is about an hour away. he was on his way to philly. i got teary-eyed watching the slideshow b/c i miss my sister and family so much already!!!