Window Boxes

quaint [kweynt]
having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm; oddly picturesque: a quaint old house.

What a perfect definition for what my eyes were observing while on yet another walk today. I am very fond of the architecture around my neighborhood so I often am looking upward as I secure my camera in my pocket keeping it close. Even though the weather was quite chilly today...there were a few people were filling their window boxes with plants and flowers. Just adding to the warmth of the narrow streets and the winding footpaths that surround us. I was thinking back to last summer. I had been walking to a shop close by and a woman was potting beautiful African Violets outside her window. As I passed she said hello and I gave a quick hello back and a wave. I remember thinking what that did for my outlook that day. It was a very neighborly moment and it made my day a bit brighter.

I took this image because I liked the look of all the elements together. If you took out any one of them the whole picture would change. The unique brickwork alongside the pretty white window frame, the old curtains, the potted plants and that vivid blue sky that has been hanging around here for the last few days just made me stop.

It was a good day.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

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Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Anna my immediate thought when looking at the photo was, who lives there? What do / did they do for a living? How did they get to be in that home? What is the story behind that window?

Is the speed of life there slower than what we experience here in the states? It would certainly appear so.

Anonymous said...

That's what you need in your windows Anna! Window boxes with colorful flowers! I love when you incorporate the beautiful London sky into your pictures. Love, Mom

Anna said...

Sarch...I think in general Europe has a more laid back lifestyle...I mean a work day can be from 9 until 4 with a two hour lunch break! :) I often wonder about what is going on behind the walls of these old homes. Most of them used to be all business. There was the Hill News Shop, the Hat Maker House, etc. They are still labeled that way too which is very nostalgic! Oh I forgot...there is a pub too right down the street...it wouldn't be London with out a pub!

Anonymous said...

Anna you paint a word picture that is so appealing. I used to think I didn't realy want to visit London. I think you are beginning to change my mind. I mean, has a person really lived if he hasn't had a pint of ale from one of those pubs? :-)

You know, with that last comment it just occurred to me how much I loved reading the "All Things Bright and Beautiful" series. Did you read those?

bluemountainmama said...

so inviting....isn't it great to see flowers in january?

kenju said...

Anna, know what I like the best about that photo? The patch of brilliant blue sky! It really stands out.

Kendra said...

what a lovely photo! I've been wanting my husband to build me some window boxes for quite some time, and I think that your photo may have done the trick!

Anonymous said...

Anna, I have to agree with "SARCH" who said you haven't lived until you've enjoyed a pint of ale at a pub. I certainly enjoyed my pint (or two) at your neighborhood pub, The Castle.


Carmi said...

I find myself following a similar mantra as I walk through the old neighborhood on my way to work. The architecture is too rich with detail to ignore, so my neck cranes upward as often as I dare.

Your wonderful image reminds me of one I took a year ago last summer in London's downtown. Here's the link: