Underground Adventures

We had a field trip in the city today. I know...my second day and I am already on a day out! Hey, I call that perfect planning. It is good for a girl to know her limits!

The day consisted of a tour of St. Paul's Cathedral with 20 other families in our HomeEd group we have recently joined. It was a great tour...informative and fun. Afterwards we climbed to the very top of the dome. One word about that...PAIN. Time to get on a treadmill. The only thing that made me feel better about myself was that my 13 year old was feeling the same way. While we were there, I found myself soaking up this time with my kids as I watched them participate in the answers and also asking lots of questions to our guide.

I took this picture on our way to St. Paul's. Now I have been doing the underground by myself for awhile, but this was the first time that had done it alone with my kids. Also, I don't normally have a schedule to keep and today I did. I was pretty nervous about my ability to get us there on time. As we were descending to the platforms for the Central Line I quickly snapped this. I love the underground. I like the tunnels, the lights, the escalators, the playbills all lined up, the tracks....THE LINES! What can I say? If you visit here often you knew I was going to say that. I am drawn to this image because of all the lines happening at once. It keeps my eyes busy and looking at all the details.


eurorebs said...

The Tube rocks.

kenju said...

I cannot believe you went on a field trip the 2nd day! Bravery becomes you, Anna!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Very nice pic.... I haven't been on the London Underground for years!

Mr. Althouse said...

You knew I'd like this one didn't you?

BTW: I just picked up and old Canon AE-1 Program with a TON of lenses and accessories - gonna be shootin' some film soon. I just have to get the body cleaned and adjusted.

My photo class is all about film processing. Black and white baby! I can hardly wait - all me from start to finish.


bluemountainmama said...

very cool pic, anna!

Anonymous said...

The Underground...how interesting. Your kids are going to get a well rounded education it would seem.

Tom Atkins said...

What is it about the underground that makes such compelling pictures? Nice shot!


sari said...

I was lucky enough to be able to visit London many years ago, and the Underground was one of my favorite parts of my trip.

Except, I often seemed to fall asleep so it was good that there was a group of us, we never went too far past our stop, ha ha.