As I ran my hand across this course and rugged wall this afternoon, I realized that after a year away from home, I too have felt a bit weathered. It is inevitable no matter where you are planted in the world that life sets in...and you need to bloom regardless. That is what we are called to do by our loving Creator...live life and live it well for Him.

This old brick wall is weathered by climate and time. And while the wall is dingy and cracked, it is still a strong wall. That goes for me as well...actually it goes for all of us. You can be weathered but still strong inside. Seems to me that all this wall needs is some TLC to brighten it up. I am finding lately that I am experiencing a renewal of sorts. A renewal of faith, purpose and strength. I am looking forward to this year and what it might hold.

Are you having any sense of renewal these days? How?


Alice B said...

WOW" This is a good picture and a great reminder that even as we are aging and becoming like a rugged wall how the Lord continues to give us strength through all circumstances to accept His forgiveness and to move forward in the life that we have been given. I too am looking forward to this year and what it might hold. Love, Mom

kenju said...

Like that mossy wall, I am feeling a bit rough and weathered these days. I think the wall and I both need a "wire brush" treatment to clean off all the warts and freckles of everyday life.

Anna said...

I need that too...badly.

kenju said...

Anna, go and read this:


Sarch said...

I would have to say I am experiencing a sense of renewal.

A new job, my oldest son just starting his 2nd sememster of college away from home, my youngest beginning to drive. These things are blending together to renew my outlook on 'things'. Along with that I have felt a definite stirring of my spirit. Is it a spiritual renewal? I'm not sure but I'm certainly thankful for the extra meaning and depth I seem to be receiving from the study of God's Word and my prayer life. We serve a great God Anna.

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