Old & New

Three chimneys...three cable antennas. This just cracked me up when I walked by today. A period chimney on a house that dates back to the Georgian times (sometime between 1714 to 1830), with a bunch of technology attached to it. I found myself a bit sad and it made me think of how surroundings change over time with everyone trying to catch up constantly. That being said, it was interesting enough to garner a picture!

What do you think...do you find yourself trying to catch up with the times?


Wordnerd said...

Oh wow -- what a great eye you have! I love your shots -- all of them -- and I'm so glad you paid me a visit so I could return the favor and get to look around a bit!

kenju said...

All the time! At my age, I will never catch up, but I try.

Thanks for the visit and the cute comment. Mr. kenju has said something similar to John, but never as sweetly as John did....LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL...Anna about the time I start feeling cocky and think I'm caught up with the times I end up listening to my youngest son describe his Ipod Nano, or the latest video game he is playing. Nope, the times seem to slowly be outpacing 'ol Sarch :)

Natalee Whitesell said...

Love your photos. I'm thankful I found your sight. I used to live in Ireland, so I REALLY enjoy them.

I miss it...love London as well.

Thanks for your comments...


Susan Ingraham said...

I'm actually finding myself longing for simplicity. Things just move too fast these days.