Got Light?

Unfortunately, they dont have a Target store here....in Europe, they have IKEA. I am not sure what possessed us to go on a Tuesday night after everyone is off work because it was a madhouse! I will set the stage for you. The cart is actually holding me up because I am so tired of walking around that incredibly BIG store. My husband has a list. THAT, in and of itself is scary. Usually the roles are reversed in these situations and I find him sitting in some demo living room watching a fake TV and talking to himself. He is getting ready to open a charity shop here in London and has to get some finishing touches. I think I lost my will to live some where around aisle 80. As I was looking up to pray that we could get out of there...I saw these light bulbs hanging from a display and I liked the way they looked. I love when you can find redeeming qualities in unexpected places.


Anonymous said...

Way cool photo! Which is scarier--John with the list or you tired of shopping? hehehe Tim

kenju said...

A charity shop? Tell us all about it!

I like the lights too, but most of the Ikea stuff is too modern for my taste.

eurorebs said...

Ha! That's great! I LOVE seeing the world through your eyes Anna - your photos are fantastic...even when all of your weight is on the cart at IKEA...fantastic store, btw. :)

Sarch said...

Anna this post absolutely cracked me up.

My compliments on some incredible photography. Your blog is definitely getting a link on my site if you will allow it.

God bless you and your family. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.