Life Lines

I love these phone poles in our neighborhood. It is a great visual in seeing how we are all connected.

The phone lines above ground look very old fashioned as does much of our neighborhood but I can testify they definitely work! I can make a call home and immediately feel just down the road from my friends and family thousands of miles and an ocean away. The ease of communicating these days is a wonder to me. Between phone, internet and webcam there are days when the world seems very small. This has been such a treat for my family and me this past year in our adjustments to living in a new country. My children can talk, hear and see their family, which has made possible some balance that I never really thought they could sustain here. For instance, when Sam lost his top, front tooth, when Sadie got a new haircut and Jack drew another detailed picture...they were sharing that with their grandparents on the webcam. These are treasured memories we are having thanks to the way the world is corresponding.

It would only be a guess on my part as to how old the poles and lines actually are in this shot. They are interesting to me and therefore I will share them with you. As always...it is the lines that I can't get enough of in my photos. Hope you like it.


Mr. Althouse said...

I like it. I posted something similar on Overflow.


kenju said...

They really are life lines. I confess that when I first saw the pic, I thought it was inside a tent. I think it is great they way you can stay in touch with your family through the web-cam, etc. It's too high-tech for me - but wonderful!

Awareness said...

It does look like the inside of a big tent. The background colouring looks like canvas.

Great pic...........and wonderful thoughts to go with it.

Anonymous said...

nice color on this pic!