Blue Skies Again

I am posting two shots today. After weeks of grey skies here, today was one of only a few for the sun to come out and the sky to show some blue. Just what I am needing because I am not feeling well. Unfortunately, as I am writing this the clouds have already rolled in again. Several homes in our neighborhood have the old seeded glass windows. I find myself studying them often as I walk. I walked by this one today and while it isn't seeded glass, I got a glimpse of the blue and stopped to look at it while taking shots from a few different angles. If you look closely you will see the reflection of the phone lines that I have written about before.

The shot below is a familiar one. A fellow blogger Carmi asked his readers a question about revisiting subjects and asked if we ever like to do that when taking pcitures. A few days ago I posted Life Lines...it was a cloudy, wet day when I got that picture. Several of you commented that you thought it was a tent until you read further in my post. Today I went back to the same spot under clear skies and this is what I saw. I love to see the differences in how each makes me feel.

Please stop by Carmi's blog and tell him I sent you! I know you will enjoy his blog too! www.writteninc.blogspot.com


John said...

very cool shot

kenju said...

Now that's more like it! I love the last one, with the radiating lines.

Mr. Althouse said...

I like the contrast between the first power line picture and this one. I also like the refection in the windows. There is so much to observe there - much more than a first glance can reveal.


bluemountainmama said...

anna, what a great eye you have! i love the first shot...the reflection of the sky in the window. we have had unusually warm and sunny weather so far this month...i'm hoping we don't have to pay it back in spades in the coming months!