Color Me Rainy

This is going to be short. I have a pretty bad cold and my head feels like it is going to explode.

Today in London it was 41 degrees and rainy. It was by far the coldest day I can think of yet since this season started. I snapped this photo at the boys' school. It reminds me of a xylophone toy I had when I was a little girl. I was drawn to the red, yellow and blue planks of this picnic table on the playground. But in typical London fashion in these winter months it was covered with rain droplets....actually it was soaked clean through. I am glad that I got this image because it really captures how wet it can be here. Hope you all like it.


bluemountainmama said...

i thought it was a xylophone. and i hope your head..and the skies...clear up soon!

Anonymous said...

The brightness of the colors reminds me of you...and the rain tells me you aren't feeling well today. Rest and pamper yourself. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Anna sorry to hear you're under the weather.

Thank you for the pic even in your weakened condition :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,

My wife and I just bought ourselves the Cannon S3 as an early anniversary present. Do you know anything about this camera? It seems like a nice one but I am totally ignorant about photographic aparatii (I made that work up I think) :)

kenju said...

I am sorry you have a cold, Anna. Maybe the bright colors of the table cheered you up just a little? Hope you are better soon. One silver lining to your cloud: I have always heard that English women have great skin due to all the humidity, so maybe you'll look even better after your stay there...LOL (you have pretty skin already!)

utenzi said...

Thanks for dropping by my picture blog, Anna. The Cardinals and I enjoyed your comment.

The weather is cold here also but not raining anymore. Like you, I'm under the weather but I hope to get well soon. I hope you're feeling better now, Anna.