I feel so blessed that I am getting to enjoy my favorite season twice in one year! Once in London, once here stateside! I love fall! The trees are now turning in North Carolina and they are beautiful. This tree is off of my parents back porch...when I saw the gold leaves against the bright blue sky I could not help but stare...and keep staring! Below is another bonus pic!


Mr.Ay-z said...

How lucky u are. Here in Malaysia, we only have one season or may be two; hot and rainy season.

kenju said...

I thought the trees here would never turn this year. They are late; maybe they were waiting for you, Anna.

bluemountainmama said...

that IS neat that they are still so pretty there- they have all blown off here. but it was one of the prettiest fall displays i've seen in years. fall is one of my favorite times to take the drive to NC. it's beautiful the whole way!