Hues of Red

Other than the man at the camera shop saying "that isn't good" about 12 times in our conversation, as he was looking at my camera...there is no diagnosis yet as to if it will work for me in the future. His best guess was no. So, it wasn't a good morning. That being said, I realize that I can hardly have a negative outlook when I am passing these splendid trees while out driving today. Have you ever seen such a beautiful color? Is it ruby, scarlett, auburn??? I am not sure that there is a word for this color yet. Whatever it is..I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I am always in awe of the colors on the Lord's painting pallette...and that He constantly offers to us new and amazing things to gaze upon. Today I am feeling blessed.


Rebs said...

Man, this whole drowned camera thing just STINKS. But WOW, that tree is AMAZING.


Anna said...

I AGREE...but I am thankful that I can see with my eyes to still enjoy beauty!

bluemountainmama said...

wow- the leaves are still hanging on there! they've pretty much blown off here.

kenju said...

The trees are wonderful about now, especially those red ones. I have sunglasses that make all the trees look more vivid than they are, so when I am driving around town, I constantly take off my sunglasses to check if the trees really DO look like that!

Jeremy said...

You're killing me. That is gorgeous. Our tree in front of our house is surprsingly orange. It's been great to wake up to!
So sorry about the camera...

Anonymous said...

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