Grace Like Rain

That is the name of one of my favorite songs (performed by Todd Agnew, download it from iTunes if you get a chance). The song paints such a beautiful picture of redemption. Sins washed away. A new beginning in Christ. It is ours for the taking...we just need to surrender and believe. Like the Prodigal Son story in Luke (15: 11-32), I have needed a lot of grace in my life and I hope it has helped me to be able to give it to others more freely. It's not the easiest thing to give. It can make you vulnerable to pain and disappointment. But the feeling is like no other...it restores my soul spiritually just offering it. It is a reflection of love. I took this picture after my friend Josephine prayed with me today...thanks to my friends and family, for always showing me grace...(over and over and over...)

grace. noun. mercy; a manifestation of favor; kindness.


kenju said...

I, too, am grateful for the grace and mercy I have received. I hope I can always show them to others.

Kathy said...

Beautiful Picture...Beautiful Caption... I am thinking of you

bluemountainmama said...

love the photo and your words, anna. i tried to post a comment to this post about 5 different times yesterday and it wouldn't let me. looks like it's working now.